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SEO is all about the details. You need to know precisely how your site is performing (or not performing) to make the necessary changes that will help you get found. Our SEO analyzer tool does just that, making it easier for you to drive traffic to your site and boost your revenue.


Building SEO using intuition alone is no longer practical in today’s competitive search environment. Today, it’s a detailed process based on careful nurturing of sophisticated search engine algorithms, many of which work in mysterious ways. Approaching the problem from an intuitive angle is not advisable: you need rigorous data-driven approaches to win business and beat your competitors.


Our free SEO tool helps you do just this. It scans your website for opportunities for optimization and then immediately generates an easily-digested report for you to analyze. If there is a problem with how your site is optimized, our report will show you immediately.

Get To Know Your Site’s Strengths and Weaknesses in a FREE SEO Report

Every site has its strengths and weaknesses. Some sites load quickly but don’t have titles for every page. Other sites look fantastic on desktop, but lack formatting for mobile devices like tablets and phones. With our SEO tools, you’ll get to know your website’s strengths and weaknesses and receive insights on how to make quick changes to boost it up the rankings.


  • Find out if whether your load time is fast, whether you have an SEO errors at the page level, and whether you’re making correct use of things like page tags.
  • Find out if your site has the appropriate meta description, site title, heading tags and if pages on your site are blocked by robot.txt.
  • Find out if you have dynamic URLs, or if your meta tags aren’t long enough.
  • Find out whether you have enough text on your site: something search engines use to determine the quality of the pages on your site.
  • Find out if your site is using outdated Flash content.
  • Find out if all your images have alt tags, and much, much more.


The SEO Report Will Give You Expert Recommendations

Using our free SEO report, you’ll gain access to recommendations for what to do next. We’ll help you organize your work schedule, prioritizing important tasks first. Our reports are organized in a clear, logical manner, are easy to follow, and will help you improve your SEO in no time.


To get your hands on an SEO report right now, just enter the name of your website and your email, and we’ll send you your report within 3 minutes. There’s no obligation to buy any of our services, so go ahead and grab your report now.

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