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Do you want your website on the first page of Google? We’re here to help. With your website climbing the Google ranks, you’ll start to see thousands more customers on your site. That means more leads, more signups, and more sales. Search engine optimization is a tricky process, but we’re here to make it simple and easy.   Our company specializes in New York SEO mainly because we are stationed here in New York City.

What is SEO?

SEO is all about getting Google and other search engines to move you up the ranks. It’s a complex series of techniques that make your website more visible to Google. It’s a constantly evolving discipline, as new algorithms keep us on our toes! That’s why you need search engine optimization experts on your side to guide you through.

What is Google Looking For?

We know exactly what makes Google tick, especially with local SEO. We know what they’re looking for.
First of all, they base their rankings on relevancy. They’re looking for keywords that define and explain your website.
Secondly, they’re looking for authority. How trustworthy and reliable is your business? For this, they’re looking for backlinks to your site, and valuable industry citations.

Thirdly, they’re looking for performance, user experience, and website metrics. Google needs to know that your website is fast, easy to use, and popular. These are all things that we’ll help you with. We make sure that Google takes notice.

What We’ll Do for You


1. A full Website Audit

Our first job is taking a long, hard look at your website. We’ll assess it from the inside out, and look for any gaps in your strategy. We’ll tighten up your meta-data, images, headers, and content. This is the deep architectural structure at the heart of your site. It must be tight and strong from the ground up. This is all vital for a sound SEO strategy, and we’ll plug the gaps.  You can start the process with a FREE SEO report.

2. Performance Analysis

Google is looking for websites that load quickly and are easy to use. We’ll use industry-standard tools to make sure you’re up to speed. We’ll tighten any gaps in user experience, and make careful recommendations. Professional search engine optimization also requires getting under the surface of your site. We’ll track the performance metrics such as ‘time-on-site’ and ‘bounce rate’. We’ll make it our job to help improve these aspects, as well as the structural aspects.  SHMONG can provide you with great web design options as well.

3. Keyword Research and Implementation

Google is looking for specific and highly relevant keywords. We’ll run a thorough keyword research check to target the most effective words and phrases. This is a highly individual process, and we pride ourselves on learning all we can about your business first. Then we’ll find gaps in the market, and make sure you fill them. Finally, we’ll implement those keywords in the most visible places on your site. Trust us, Google can’t miss them when we’re finished.

4. Content Strategy

SEO services should also help you create a content strategy. After all, content is one of Google’s biggest ranking factors. It helps you plug your website full of keywords which will attract search engine crawlers. Content also draws lots of visitors to your site, boosting the engagement rates on site. It will also lower your bounce rate which Google loves. Not only that, but we’ll help improves the likelihood of backlinks. The wider your content spreads, the more chance of securing links. Content is the holy grail of relevancy, authority and performance. We’ll help you make it count.

5. Link-building and Outreach

With our help, you’ll secure relevant and reliable links from industry websites. We’ll reach out to authoritative sites and directories to ensure a quality reference. Your site will become a network of interconnected links, which is exactly what Google is looking for. Everything is transparent, and we pride ourselves on our white hat techniques.

6. Monitoring and Reporting

A strong SEO strategy requires regular monitoring, measurement and conversion optimization. We’ll get behind the scenes, and make sure your strategy is working. We’ll improve the good stuff, and give you detailed feedback on the progress. We’re never more than a phone call away to answer any questions, and provide advice. You’ll get regular reports that monitor and measure the impact of our service.

Why us?

We work with New York SEO day-in-day-out. We know what works, and we love helping our clients move up the Google rankings. We’re at the cutting edge of developments, and we’re armed with all the best SEO tools.
Want to find out more? Get in touch now for more information about SEO, and let’s chat about how we can grow your business.



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