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7 Ways to Deal with Bad Customer Reviews

7 Ways to Deal with Bad Customer Reviews

When it comes to a success of a small business, a good reputation is crucial. Customers frequently depend on the conclusions of others when settling on buying decisions. Just about 88 percent of the general population has been affected by an online customer service review when choosing what to purchase. Nowadays, a bad online review on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Foursquare, Google Places, and even your own social media pages can do a serious harm to the reputation of the business. Moreover, these bad online reviews can affect your ranking on Google.

We live in the world where everybody has a privilege to talk, take pictures, comment negatively or positive reviews, interact with anyone, about their experience with your business. It’s a fact that nobody likes a negative review about their online business on any of the social networking sites or customer review website.

Grab on a few tips that will help you to deal smartly with bad reviews coming from the customers. Take a look!

1) Don’t Take It Personally

True! Negative reviews can have a terrible impact on you as well as your business. But, all you need to understand is that never take the things personally, and just welcome the critics. A customer is not writing his bad experience with you, but with the product of your company. So, make a habit of reading negative reviews, so that next time you deliver the improved one.

2) Understand The Situation And React!

Customers can’t be always right, but if you take out their mistake, you might lose your traffic harming your business. So, show some empathy and know the situation first as a brand, and then react. If the customer is at fault, make them understand humbly and if you are at fault, say sorry and promise to improve the mistake.

3) Ask For A Second Chance

After apologizing, ask your customer’s preference by interacting with them better. Ask them how you can improve your brand by making it customer- friendly. This is an excellent way to retail your business. Learn a lot by reading or listening negative reviews and complaints, and it can help you to grow your business by developing the trust among customers.

4) Encourage Customers For More Reviews

Criticism is a part of life whenever you start with anything. So, never refuse them and always ask for customer’s feedback on your every new launch, this tells you actually where you stand. By using negative reviews to improve your customer service, will give your brand a long-term staying authority, and give a reputation demonstrating that you’re genuinely dedicated to your clients. Along these lines, the client will expand their likeliness and share their actual experience!

5) Be Polite And Positive As A Brand

A negative review is bad for a business status, but getting rude or aggressive with your customer is very bad for your business. While responding publicly you should be courteous and positive as a brand. No matter, you are at fault or not, you just need to be humble while talking to your customers for the sake of your company’s reputation. Manage the issue that has been raised, and never turn to individual affront or comments.

6) Drop A Line To The Customer Privately

If you think that you can understand and deal the customer better, but privately, then don’t hesitate to drop a message. Send a private message or email to the customer asking them about their concern. One can ask about what problems are they going through with our business, and try to solve it by taking advice from customers or guiding them better. This gives your customers a personal touch showing a sign of care.

7) Remove If The Review Is Abusive

If you find the review not clear, but abusive then requests the customer humbly to delete the review. But, if the customer refuses to do that, just delete the review if it’s on your site.  But, if it’s on customer review website, request the site owner to delete the review. There are many online directories or review sites that gives an option for reporting comments that break the terms of services.

Thing to remember!

Those people who mostly review sites and look for your business on social media recognize that all of your reviews won’t be faultless. Don’t panic if a few bad reviews knock your doors. Simply take it in a positive critic, to make your business better and customer-friendly!

Thus, Utilize negative reviews as an opportunity to construct a positive reputation of your business among customers. So, what was your experience? How you deal with your negative reviews? Do let us know in a comment below!



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